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Music Lessons for Children

A Chairde (friends),

Comhaltas Sydney will be offering group Irish Music lessons for children on Saturday afternoons from 5 November - 3 Dec 2022. Start time 1:30pm for 1 hour.

Children from age 7 upwards playing all melody instruments are welcome. This first set of classes will run for 6 weeks. Payment is $90 and can be made in advance through bank deposit (see contact form below) or by credit card on arrival for the first lesson.


The format:

Each week a new tune or two will be taught, as well as some instrumental technique as appropriate and the skills required to play together as a group.

All levels of musical experience/training are welcome as tunes will be chosen appropriate to the level of each student.

The first block of classes will be taught by experienced flautist and teacher Jade Tinkler who will be joined from time to time by guest tutors.


Can my child participate if they are a complete beginner?

Yes! We have a stock of tin whistles and will provide one to any child in this first block of lessons who does not yet play an instrument.

Can my child participate if they are already an advanced violin/flute/etc student?

Yes! Our tutors are experienced at engaging all levels of learners. Once there are enough students involved we may decide to split into groups by experience/ability.


What should my child bring to class?

Their instrument, a plastic display folder for keeping sheet music and/or written notes. A device (such as a mobile phone) for making recordings of new tunes to practice along with at home is also helpful but not essential.

Please use the contact form below for to request additional information.

Music Lessons Enquiry 

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